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Latest SEC Penny Stock Filings

Glyeco, Inc. : Sec Number 0001615774-17-002715

Miscellaneous Chemical Products

5/25/2017 6:16:01 PM CST

Rise Gold Corp. : Sec Number 0001651943-17-000001

Metal Mining

5/25/2017 5:01:56 PM CST

Peabody Energy Corp : Sec Number 0001140361-17-022395

Bituminous Coal and Lignite Surface Mining

5/25/2017 4:56:56 PM CST

Peabody Energy Corp : Sec Number 0001140361-17-022397

Bituminous Coal and Lignite Surface Mining

5/25/2017 4:55:56 PM CST

Coeur Mining, Inc. : Sec Number 0000215466-17-000086

Gold and Silver Ores

5/25/2017 4:43:23 PM CST

Repro Med Systems Inc : Sec Number 0001161697-17-000263

Surgical and Medical Instruments and Apparatus (tranquilizer guns)

5/25/2017 4:40:55 PM CST

1 - Akoustis Technologies, Inc. : Sec Number 0001615774-17-002703

Telephone and Telegraph Apparatus (except consumer external modems)

5/25/2017 4:30:55 PM CST

Baltia Air Lines Inc : Sec Number 0001615774-17-002704

Air Transportation, Scheduled (passenger)

5/25/2017 4:30:55 PM CST

Amtrust Financial Services, Inc. : Sec Number 0001193125-17-183911

Fire, Marine, and Casualty Insurance (fire, marine, and casualty insurers-direct, except contact lens insurance)

5/25/2017 4:26:55 PM CST

Sharing Services, Inc. : Sec Number 0001469709-17-000115

Computer Processing and Data Preparation and Processing Services

5/25/2017 4:26:55 PM CST

Lightwave Logic, Inc. : Sec Number 0001553350-17-000683

Miscellaneous Plastics Products, NEC

5/25/2017 4:24:55 PM CST

Atacama Resources International, Inc. : Sec Number 0001014897-17-000131

Management Consulting Services (administrative management and general management consulting)

5/25/2017 4:17:54 PM CST

Citigroup Inc : Sec Number 0000950103-17-004929

National Commercial Banks (banking)

5/25/2017 4:16:54 PM CST

Next Group Holdings, Inc. : Sec Number 0001213900-17-005868

Groceries and Related Products

5/25/2017 4:13:23 PM CST

Mri Interventions, Inc. : Sec Number 0001534424-17-000228

Surgical and Medical Instruments and Apparatus (tranquilizer guns)

5/25/2017 4:06:53 PM CST