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Latest SEC Penny Stock Filings

Quantum Materials Corp. : Sec Number 0001493152-17-007231

Metal Mining

6/27/2017 7:21:06 PM CST

Resmed Inc : Sec Number 0001140361-17-026325

Surgical and Medical Instruments and Apparatus (tranquilizer guns)

6/27/2017 6:36:03 PM CST

Marina Biotech, Inc. : Sec Number 0001493152-17-007223

Pharmaceutical Preparations

6/27/2017 4:35:56 PM CST

Gb Sciences Inc : Sec Number 0000939798-17-000058

Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas

6/27/2017 4:30:55 PM CST

Oncolytics Biotech Inc : Sec Number 0001279569-17-001335

Pharmaceutical Preparations

6/27/2017 4:28:55 PM CST

Authentidate Holding Corp : Sec Number 0001144204-17-034457

Computer Integrated Systems Design

6/27/2017 4:27:55 PM CST

Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. : Sec Number 0001062993-17-003037

Metal Mining

6/27/2017 4:23:55 PM CST

Biorestorative Therapies, Inc. : Sec Number 0001140361-17-026291

Health and Allied Services, Nec

6/27/2017 4:21:55 PM CST

1 - Acacia Diversified Holdings, Inc. : Sec Number 0001185185-17-001462

Motor Vehicles, Parts, and Supplies

6/27/2017 4:18:55 PM CST

Quantum Materials Corp. : Sec Number 0001493152-17-007217

Metal Mining

6/27/2017 4:18:55 PM CST

Nami Corp. : Sec Number 0001640334-17-001319

Cutlery, Handtools, and Hardware

6/27/2017 4:16:54 PM CST

Nemaura Medical Inc. : Sec Number 0001553350-17-000806

Surgical and Medical Instruments and Apparatus (tranquilizer guns)

6/27/2017 4:15:55 PM CST

Quantum Materials Corp. : Sec Number 0001493152-17-007215

Metal Mining

6/27/2017 4:15:55 PM CST

Quantum Materials Corp. : Sec Number 0001493152-17-007214

Metal Mining

6/27/2017 4:13:57 PM CST

Mgt Capital Investments Inc : Sec Number 0001493152-17-007213

Patent Owners and Lessors

6/27/2017 4:13:25 PM CST